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  • Spécialiste des risques psychosociaux, Camille ROUSSET exerce comme activité principale celle de médiateur en entreprise. Dans le dernier hors- série de la revue Personnel, elle a rédigé un article expliquant le rôle et les modalités d’un métier encore peu connu.

  • Le département « Droit social – Protection sociale » organise à Lyon les 23 et 28 novembre 2017, un petit-déjeuner sur le thème : « Les ordonnances Macron réforment le Code du travail » 

  • « La médiation permet d’apporter des réponses concertées et adaptées et de participer à une logique constructive d’accompagnement des salariés » affirme Camille ROUSSET, associé du département « Droit social - Protection sociale »



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Camille ROUSSET is co-leader of the department in Lyon.

Areas of expertise :
Classical activity in counsel and litigation in employment law, and expertise in:
mergers & acquisitions, restructuring and reorganisation not-for-profit organisations and companies: mass redundancy, job preservation plans, geographical and/or professional mobility plans, harmonisation of collective employees’ status,
compliance audits or preventive audits,
management of the relations with staff representative bodies,
collective bargaining, especially for the adaptation of working time,
employee savings,

Clients include:
Not-for-profit organisations and French and Italian industrial and services companies or groups.

Work experience:

With her partners Philippe DUMEZ (Company Law – Mergers & Acquisitions), she manages the “Italian desk” set up by the firm to offer Italian professionals full services in Italian within the scope of their transnational business.

Fluent Italian.

Qualifications include:
- Master’s Degree (Magistère Diplôme Juriste Conseil d'Entreprise
- Post-graduate diploma (DESS) in Law relating to undertakings and Company Taxation and a specialist certificate in Social Law.

Work experience:
Before joining Delsol Avocats, becoming a partner at the beginning of 2006, Camille practiced in Milan, before working for Cabinet Fromont Briens in Lyon. Thanks to the experience she gained when working for the Toffoletto Law Firm in Milan, Camille works in synergy with Italian colleagues and has developed specific skills in Franco-Italian comparative law in the field of employment law.  


- Training courses to companies,
- Lecturer at the University of Lyon III, for a BA Professional Practice and Master 2 classes as well as at business schools.