• Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE, Avocat associé, responsable du département Données personnelles, organise à Paris, le 12 décembre 2017, une formation sur le thème : "Le cadre juridique et fonctionnel de l’échange et du partage des données de santé".

  • Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE, Avocat associé, responsable du département Données personnelles, organise à Lyon, le 14 septembre et à Paris le 5 octobre 2017, une formation sur le thème : "Le nouveau Règlement européen sur la protection des données personnelles : principes et nouvelles obligations"...

  • Jeanne BOSSI MALAFOSSE décrypte les conséquences de l’application des dispositions du règlement européen sur la protection des données du 27 avril 2016 sur les données de santé, dans un article paru aux éditions Dalloz IP/IT du mois de mai 2017



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Jeanne Bossi Malafosse is the head of the Data Protection department and joint head of the Life Sciences department.

She has considerable experience in the field of data protection and in issues relating to the life sciences, particularly in the field of healthcare information systems.

She provides support to organisations on the following issues:

- regulatory framing of healthcare information system projects,
- mastering the new rules governing the exchange and sharing of healthcare data in the health and medico-social fields,
- healthcare data hosting contracts and coordination of the various authorisations required,
- consultations on conditions of access to healthcare data (INDS, CNIL, CPP, CEREES),
- compliance audits of organisations, 
- producing privacy impact assessments (PIA) for specific types of processing,
- data processing record-keeping by the organisation,
- acting as designated DPO providing a package of services,
- drawing up contracts, - data protection policies,
- CNIL/oversight authority audits.

She is fluent in English for the legal profession.

After studying law and graduating from the Institut d’études politiques in Paris, Jeanne Bossi Malafosse began her professional career at state bank Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations before joining the national data protection agency, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), where she spent 18 years from 1991 to 2009. The positions she held over this period included Assistant Director of user relations and control, Head of the Public and Social Affairs Division and officer in charge of the healthcare, health insurance and medical research sector.

From there, she went on to become Secretary General of the national agency for shared healthcare information systems (ASIP Santé), where she was responsible for managing and organising the agency’s support functions and played a part in defining agency strategy and in the launch of national information system projects in conjunction with healthcare players.

She is also an expert advisor to the Council of Europe on the drafting of the new Recommendation on healthcare data protection, and coordinated the proceedings of the “Big Data and Prevention” working group launched by the Healthcare Data Institute, an international think-tank on data protection in the health sector, of which she is a member.

Jeanne Bossi Malafosse is a member of the French association of data protection correspondents (AFCDP).

She currently holds the following academic posts:

- member of the Pedagogical Committee of the specialist Masters in Healthcare Communication and Marketing at Léonard de Vinci University in Paris, lecturing on digital and healthcare law,
- lecturing at the Lille Faculty of Law, on the Master 2 in Health Law course,
- teaching a university diploma course on personal data protection at Paris Descartes University.

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