Dernières news :

  • Alexis CHABERT a rédigé pour le magazine Acteurs de l’Economie d’avril 2016 une chronique portant sur les problématiques de concurrence déloyale et les procédures dites d’ordonnance sur requête permettant d’apporter la preuve des agissements déloyaux

  • Pour Alexis CHABERT, les domaines respectifs de l’avocat, du notaire et l’expert-comptable sont uniques, mais complémentaires...

  • Alexis CHABERT publie en mai dans Le Journal du Management Juridique un article sur les problèmes de preuve en matière de concurrence déloyale…



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Alexis CHABERT  is co-leader of the « Litigation » department, in the Lyon office.


As a specialist in commercial litigation he has developed considerable experience in shareholder disputes, the liability of company executives, unfair competition, product compliance, defective products, etc.


He has also acquired special expertise in business criminal law and assists company executives who are the victims of offences (fraud, abuse of confidence, forgery and falsification etc.) or defends them personally in the case of complex financial offences.


Alexis works for industrial and service businesses and for their executives.


He can work in both English and French.


Alexis CHABERT is 36 years old.  He has a master’s in Business Law and a DESS in Community Business Law from the University of Lyon 3.


He started his career in 2004 in Lyon with the firm ANCEO, which specialises in business litigation with a strong international focus.


He joined DELSOL Avocats’ Lyon office in 2007, and has worked closely with the « Company law – Mergers & Acquisitions » department.


Alexis CHABERT is also the chairman of the Lyon Bar’s « Exercice du droit » (legal practice) commission.