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  •  Dans un article paru sur le site WEKA le 20 janvier 2017, Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE s’intéresse aux circonstances dans lesquelles le transfert de compétence sur les plans locaux d’urbanisme va s’opérer au niveau intercommunal.

  • Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE a publié dans le mensuel Associations mode d’emploi de janvier 2016 un article portant sur la réforme à venir du Code des marchés publics

  • Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE a rédigé pour le site WEKA un article paru le 29 octobre portant sur la libéralisation des transports interurbains par autocar



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Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE, aged 38, is leader of the "Public Law" department in Lyon.


He has developed acknowledged expertise in the following areas:

- Property rights and public procurement: public contracts, public service delegation, partnership agreement, administrative and hospital ninety-nine year leases, public lands occupancy agreement

- Regulatory town planning, operational and individual; land-use planning (PUP, ZAC, residential development agreements)

- Environmental and energy law: classified installations for the protection of the environment, fossil, nuclear and renewable fuels

- Legal set-up of public, private and joint real estate transactions: implementation of the project, land acquisition, choice of building contractors, monitoring of the work until delivery to final customer,

- Local authority law: property management (state ownership), personnel management (public office), institutional relations (restructuring, inter-municipality relations), purchases (public procurement), organization of their activities (public services, police, etc.).


He works for local authorities, their groups, hospitals, and also for private players in the real estate industry (investors, developers, public sector contractors, construction companies, etc.) as well as for industrial groups for energy-related matters.


Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE holds a DEA in Public Law he obtained in early 2002 with distinction from the University of Auvergne. He also followed LLM Public International Law courses at the University of Quebec - Montreal, where he was a research assistant to Professor Katia BOUSTANY, specializing in international nuclear law.


He began his career in 2002 as an external consultant in the legal department of the International Labour Office - Geneva. He then worked as an associate with the Public Law department of YGMA’s office in Paris, before joining, for the first time, DELSOL Avocats’ Lyon office, where he remained four years. In 2010, he was entrusted with the Public Law department at BISMUTH & Associates in Lyon. He joined DELSOL Avocats as of counsel in December 2012.


He regularly publishes articles and initiates the setting up of multiple training modules for organizations such as EFE (real estate operations), Le Moniteur (subcontracting), ENTPE (builders' liability, public debate) or the Colas Group (management of works contracts).