•  Dans un article paru sur le site WEKA le 20 janvier 2017, Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE s’intéresse aux circonstances dans lesquelles le transfert de compétence sur les plans locaux d’urbanisme va s’opérer au niveau intercommunal.

  • Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE a publié dans le mensuel Associations mode d’emploi de janvier 2016 un article portant sur la réforme à venir du Code des marchés publics

  • Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE a rédigé pour le site WEKA un article paru le 29 octobre portant sur la libéralisation des transports interurbains par autocar



The "Public Law" department provides consulting and litigation (in particular before administrative courts) on behalf of:

- public and semipublic organizations: the State, regions, provinces, municipalities, public institutions within inter-municipalities cooperation, hospitals, mixed economy companies and public institutions

- their contractors and partners: players from the private property sector (investors, developers, public sector contractors, construction companies, etc.), offices, public service delegations, industrial groups, associations, etc..


It provides them with the vital technical and operational expertise needed in the setting up of their projects, the financing and management of public services, the organization of activities, as well as in the management of teams.


To do this, it brings together expertise in the following areas:

- Property rights and public procurement: public contracts, public service delegation, partnership agreement, administrative and hospital ninety-nine year leases, public lands occupancy agreement,

- Regulatory town planning, operational and individual; land-use planning (PUP, ZAC, residential development agreements),

- Environmental and energy law: classified installations for the protection of the environment, fossil, nuclear and renewable fuels,

- Local authority law: property management (state ownership), personnel management (public office), institutional relations (restructuring, inter-municipality relations), contract engineering (analysis and choice of legal arrangements as well as of partners), purchases (public procurement), organization of their activities (public services, police, etc.)

- Legal set-up of public, private and joint real estate transactions: implementation of the project, land acquisition, choice of building contractors, monitoring of the work until delivery to final customer.

The "Public Law" department is run by a partner: Renaud-Jean CHAUSSADE.

Also available to advise you are:

- 3 associates:

Domitille de SEROUX
Jennifer PEREIRA
Alexis ROBBE

- 1 lawyer:

Isabelle DI BLASIO