• Benoît BOUSSIER, interviewé par le magazine Chef d’entreprise (édition juin/juillet 2016), s’exprime sur les précautions à prendre dans le cadre de location de bureau de coworking

  • Nathalie PEYRON et Benoît BOUSSIER, Avocats associés, Alexandra GOUMOT NEYMON, Avocat of counsel du département « Droit immobilier » organisent à Lyon, le jeudi 30 juin un petit-déjeuner sur le thème : "La gestion adaptée de la defaillance d’une entreprise sur un chantier" 

  • Nathalie PEYRON et Benoît BOUSSIER, Avocats associés, Alexandra GOUMOT NEYMON, Avocat oj counsel du département « Droit immobilier » organisent à Lyon, le vendredi 3 juin 2016, un petit-déjeuner sur le thème : L’apport d’affaires dans le développement d’un projet immobilier 


The “Real-Estate Law” department advises on any real estate project, on the occasion of any demolition or construction work, the renovation of existing buildings, and issues relating to, for example accommodation, offices, hotels, warehouses.

It advises on property development law, construction law, commercial leases and environmental law relating to real estate work.

The department is particularly skilled in risk analysis and contractual negotiations, being concerned to avoid disputes between the various players concerned.
It advises  mainly the owners (property developers, investors, hotel owners, etc.) throughout their construction projects, from the outset  until completion, including on:
- setting up a real-estate project at the time of purchasing immoveable assets, identifying the risks related to the project,

- drafting and negotiating contracts relating to real-estate projects or their exploitation (property development contracts, “on-plan” sales, project management agreements, works contracts, undertakings to sell, commercial leases, etc.),

- the future implications of the regulations resulting from Grenelle 2,

- preventive management of any disagreements during the construction operations, out of court settlement of disputes,

- construction operations, from preventive summary proceedings to acceptance,

- difficulties between owners, companies, sub-contractors, neighbours: e.g. voluntary liquidation, discontinuance of construction work, statements of complaint, supplementary work, abnormal private nuisance, easements, etc.,

- disputes after acceptance or delivery,

- the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases and in the management of the lease,

- any issues relating to the running of the hotel (excluding employment law).


The “Real-Estate Law” department is headed by two partners: Benoît BOUSSIER and Nathalie PEYRON.

Also available to advise you are: 

a team of 7 associates:




- and 4 “paralegal” employees.

The department works in close collaboration with the firm’s other departments, in particular, the Company Law – Mergers & Acquisitions" , Not-for-profit organisations”, "Tax Law and Public Law”departments.

The team works in French, English and Spanish.